How are the items boxed?

Each of our pieces comes complete in an authentic British Crystal box. For special occasions you can upgrade the box to one of our beautiful, lined presentation boxes.

Can any item be engraved?

Almost all of our crystal can be engraved. We can engrave personal messages, company logos, sports icons etc. Where pieces are decorated with a continuous pattern, we neatly finish the pattern to allow space for the engraving, then begin the pattern again afterwards.

Are all pieces of Crystal within a range Identical?

Our crystal is hand crafted, hence there may be very slight variations in weight and size. 

What is a 'line' or 'cord' - Is this a flaw?

A 'line' or 'cord' may occur when fusing molten crystal. They are not considered flaws, as they occur due to a difference in the density of the crystal being fused together. It is visible in certain light, but is invisible should the crystal be filled with a liquid as this prevents the refraction of light between the two surfaces.  

Is a Bubble or a 'seed' a flaw?

No, they are natural occurrences resulting from the handcrafted nature of the pieces. Tiny bubbles may occur during the fusing or melting process when the glass is made. They do not compromise the quality of the piece. 

If you have any questions or would like to know more about any of our pieces please contact us at